As a part of the Premium Content subscription service, ARInsights tracks/monitors all available analysts’ LinkedIn profiles, their posts, and now, their Followers. See ARchitect Premium Content LinkedIn Mentions for more details about the Mention tracking process.


Referencing their number of Followers from their LinkedIn profile, existing ARchitect analysts will now have their number of LinkedIn Followers displayed on their individual profile as well as on the Influencer Finder pages. These numbers will also be updated as part of the normal 90 Day Update process. If you would like to update this number sooner, please reach out to with those details.

Please keep in mind, ARInsights does not track LinkedIn Follower numbers for every profile in the Database. Type Analysts and Consultants within the five leading analyst firms (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, ISG, and Frost & Sullivan) are only guaranteed to be maintained.


While we cannot commit to profile maintenance and content tracking for non-analyst influencers in the database (e.g. consultants, executives, and other), whether global or site-private, ARInsights customers may purchase the Custom Influencers package to get those benefits for their specific non-analyst influencers. See What are “Custom Influencers for more information on this service.