ARchitect emailer now has the capability to help you write and summarize your emails with OpenAI's ChatGPT. 

Some examples of how you can use the AI Assistant:

  • Generate new content based on your request and add it to your paragraph. 
  • Write the body copy for an email or newsletter based on parameters you set within ChatGPT.
  • Compose a message to engage with influencers and spark a conversation about a trending topic.
  • Copy and paste content you may have from a different application and ask ChatGPT to summarize.

Our "Write with AI" button can be used to help you compose emails with suggestions on content, tone and structure. This AI Assistant is considered a Third-Party Application under ARInsights’ Terms & Conditions, and your usage of it is governed solely by OpenAI’s Terms of Use. The AI Assistant uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API which, according to their Terms of Use, does not use the content you provide to or receive from their API to develop or improve their services. Learn more about OpenAI’s privacy commitments for ChatGPT API users here


To use the AI functionality click on Content, and select the Title, Paragraph, or List tile. Drag it into the body of your email. Click on the Write with AI button.