In Project Manager, a Template is simply a layout for how Custom Fields are displayed when viewing projects of different Types. Each Project Type can have one or more templates. 

  1. Go to Site > Site Admin > Project Configuration > Templates tab


  1. Select the Project Type you wish to create a template for and click “New Template”

  1. Name the Template (required) and add a Description (optional)


All Custom Fields for this Project Type appear on the right hand side of the page. The required custom fields (both required and stage restricted) will appear at the top designated by an asterisk (*) and the non-required custom fields will appear below that.

  1. Click “New Section” and give it a relevant section name. Click Submit when finished.

  1. With a section created, start dragging Custom Fields into that section that are applicable. The order they appear in the section is the order they will appear on the Project Detail page.

Below is an example of a completed template. A few things to note:

  • You cannot create a section with no Custom Fields
  • You must include all Required Custom Fields somewhere on the Template
  • Custom Fields will be grayed out in the right-hand pane once added to template
  • You can expand/collapse sections for easier viewing
  • Custom Fields can be dragged from section to section while building
  • To preview what the template will look like on the Project Detail page, click Preview Template