Go to Site > Site Admin > Project Configuration > Custom Fields tab. Here you can Add, Edit, and Search for Custom Fields.


To Disable or Delete a Custom Field, click to select it from the list to go into Edit mode where you can find those options:

All other existing field creation and editing features are available here, too. 


Stage Restricted Custom Fields

Because Project Manager allows Projects to live in a specific stage, this functionality is essentially allowing fields to be both Edited and Required at specific stages.

  1. Add a new or open an existing Custom Field
  2. Go to the last line that reads “Should this field have stage restrictions?”

  • NOTE: Stage Restrictions are not available if the Custom Field is Required. That’s because it’s required regardless of the stage, which is existing functionality.



  1. Toggle this field ON and a new section will appear at the bottom of the page

Each Project Type selected above will have its own box in the Stage Restricted section. Each box will contain the name of the type and a dropdown for Start Stage and End Stage that contains the Stages available for that Type.

  1. For the Start Stage, choose the Stage at which this Custom Field will first become editable for that Type.
  2. For the End Stage, choose the Stage at which this Custom Field will become Required for that Type (In other words, the user won’t be able to advance the project past this stage until that field has been populated).
  • Note: As also indicated in the UI itself, if you select “Complete” as the End Stage, the field never becomes required. This is useful when you want to specify when a field can become editable but not require it be populated before the project is marked “Complete.” 


  1. Save the Custom Field and the Stage Restrictions will be activated.