1. Please request assistance from the Customer Experience team to get Project Manager Types and Stages configured. 


There will be a varying level of effort in these next steps depending on what data you chose to load when enabling Project Manager with the Customer Experience team.

Go to Site > Site Admin > Project Configuration > Types and Stages tab

  • If you previously loaded the defaults for all types, you are nearly finished.
  • In the example below, Project Types are shaded blue meaning they have Stages already assigned and the “Go Live” button is available to click.


*Do NOT click “Go Live” until the implementation is complete as this is what allows regular users to start using Project Manager for their projects.



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  • If you didn’t load any defaults, we will need to help you configure everything you want to have it in place.
  • In this case, any existing Project Types you previously created are listed but shaded gray meaning they do not have Stages assigned and the “Go Live” button is not available to click, as seen here:


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  1. Add any Stages to the left hand side of the page by clicking “New Stage”


    1. Name the Stage and decide if you want to automatically add it to every project type. If you do not, you can manually add it to each applicable project type (as described below) after clicking “Submit” to save the Stage.

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  1. Once all possible Stages are added, start assigning Stages to Project Types


    1. Find the Project Type you want to add Stages to and click the carat to expand that Project Type


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    1. Once expanded, drag the stage from the left side of the page and drop it into the Stages area of the Type. The stages will inherit the order they’re in on the left side in the master set of All Stages. 


    1. Note that a “Complete” stage is included automatically for all Project Types.


  1. To reorder the Stages, use the All Stages area and click/drag the Stages within this pane. The numbers designate the order. Any stages already part of a Project Type are automatically updated to reflect the new order.


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