To configure and customize your projects go to Click on Site, then Site Admin, then Project Configuration.

On the Projects Configuration page you can manage the Project Types, Custom fields and Statuses to align with your project goals.

Project types can be found under the Types and Stages Tab. To add a new Project type click on the  +New Project Type button.

Custom Fields can be added and managed by clicking on the Custom Fields tab and Add Field button.

You can then choose what type of data field this will be such as Checkbox, Text, Date, URL, Dropdown menu, email, or number value. 

You will also assign the Type of project this field will appear on and whether it is a required field.

    * Please make sure to Save when done.

Project Statuses can be configured by clicking on the Statuses tab. You can choose the Status name, color, and if that particular status is a closed status (such as a status declined, cancelled, or closed).