ARInsights offers a managed service offering called “Custom Influencers,” whereby we research and maintain profiles for the non-analyst influencers you care about. 

For more and more B2B companies, it has become important to build and manage relationships with non-analyst influencers, and ARchitect is the ideal tool for that. But tracking these experts and their content can be very time-consuming. 

ARInsights maintains the profile data for all verified industry analysts (across any and all analyst and market research firms) and all consultants from five leading analyst firms (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, ISG and Frost & Sullivan) in the ARchitect global database and keeps them up-to-date. We also track/monitor all of these individuals’ social posts, blog articles and media mentions/quotes via Premium Content

However, we cannot commit to profile maintenance and content tracking for all non-analyst influencers in the database (e.g. consultants from other firms, executives, other), whether global or site-private. ARInsights customers, however, can purchase the Custom Influencers package to get these benefits, which includes Premium Content coverage. 

With the Custom Influencers service, ARInsights works with you on a list of the non-analyst influencers that matter to you, and our team will: 

  • Research each influencer and build out their profiles (current contact data, bio, social handles, blog link, etc.)

  • Add/upload your custom influencers’ profiles to ARchitect (if not already in the system)

  • Verify and update your custom influencers’ profiles at least every 90 days (just like we do with analysts) 

  • Adjust/update your list of custom influencers, at your direction, on a semi-annual basis

Customer Influencers is priced based on the number of non-analyst contact records to be researched and maintained by ARInsights. Please discuss with your Account Executive for more information.