An important option to maximize email deliverability using the Emailer in ARchitect is to set up a DMARC Subdomain policy with your internal email administrator. This is to legitimize the email being sent out as a "safe" and "secure" message.

Please email the CX Team at and request DMARC code be created for your domain. This is simply 7 lines of text/code we will provide you and your email administrator with.

Once your email administrator has implemented these settings on your side, please let us know so we can run a verification test on our side.

Please contact if you have any additional questions. Calls between ARInsights and your internal tech managers can be arranged by request.

* Please note, once an email is sent from ARchitect, ARInsights cannot control how the email is processed within the recipient’s inbox. We can ensure the deliverability of an email, and not how an email is received. The best way to ensure that the email gets processed is to let the recipient know to whitelist your email (ari.{your email domain}.com) so that future emails will automatically land in the inbox and not in a spam folder.