How To Create, Update, and Delete Interactions with ARchitect Interactions for Google Workspace 

ARchitect Interactions for Google Workspace is a major productivity booster for Gmail and Google Calendar users. You can now create, update, and delete ARchitect Interactions directly from Google Calendar or Gmail — seamlessly working between ARchitect and Google Workspace environments. To get started with this add-on, download it here, follow the prompts and enter your ARchitect credentials when asked. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach us at

*Please note that the Interactions for Google Workspace tool only syncs sent emails and calendar invites to ARchitect.



  • When viewing a calendar event in Google Calendar or email in Gmail, click on the ARchitect icon on the right side of the page. 
  • Select the “New Interaction” checkbox.
  • Enter the Interaction title and visibility, and associate it with any existing projects or coverages.  
  • Click the “Create Interaction” button at the bottom to save it.



  • With the widget open, select the “Existing Interaction” checkbox. 
  • A list of recent Interactions will show. You can select one from the list or search for another in the search bar.
  • To view more details of an Interaction, click the arrow icon to open the Interaction in  ARchitect. 
  • Once you have selected the Interaction you would like to add an email chain to, click “Add to Interaction.” 


  • Click into the Interaction you would like to delete.
  • Select “Delete Interaction” at the bottom of the add-in.

How To Update Contacts with ARchitect Interactions for Google Workspace 

When using ARchitect Interactions for Google Workspace, you can easily add new contacts to ARchitect: 

  • When there is an unrecognized email, click the “Add” button.
  • Select whether the email belongs to a new participant or influencer. 
  • The application will redirect you to ARchitect to add the contact.

Error Note - If you encounter an error when your calendar event is opened in full screen and you try to sync. (Add-on error - Something went wrong when executing the add-on).

Please restart the application. If the problem persists please let us know - it may require an uninstall and reinstall.