What is an Anchor Link?

An Anchor Link is a hyperlink within an email. When this link is clicked, it takes you to another section of the email as opposed to another web page. It is important to note that anchor links are not supported by all email clients or mobile devices. 

Why use an Anchor Link?

Anchor Links are helpful for long and content-rich email messages. They help keep the influencer's attention by jumping to the section relevant to them as opposed to having to scroll to the section. 

To create an anchor link within the emailer tool:     

1. Click the Create New Content button in your email

2. Click on ROWS across the top right menu 

3. Drag and drop a row to where you want the hyperlink to jump to

4. Click CONTENT across the top right menu

5. Drag and drop an HTML block into the open row you created

6. Delete the existing HTML code, and copy <a name=""><br /></a> inside of the block. Inside the quotation marks, type the word you want hyperlinked. In our example, the word is Learning so our code will be <a name="Learning"><br /></a

7. Go to the section you would like to use as your menu for the anchors. Click “Insert Link” and type “#” and the word you want to hyperlink. In our example, the URL link is #Learning. 

8. Set the Target to “None”


9. Click “OK”

10. Hit “Save” in the top right corner of the Email Designer

11. Hit “Save” again on the Edit Email screen

ARchitect Tip: Be sure to send yourself a test email to test and ensure the anchor links work in your email since they will not work in the email builder.

For information on maximizing email deliverability to influencers please see this article https://arinsights.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/63000276951