Once you have created your portal and added content pieces, you can now invite influencers to view your portal. 


1. To invite an influencer, hover over Site > Portal > Analyst Access.

2. From the filters, you can filter by influencer, influencer groups, firm, or invited. 

3. Once you’ve selected your filters and chosen what influencers you want to invite, you can individually click the Invite button next to their name.

4. If adding more than one influencer, you can filter for the influencers you want to invite, click Apply Bulk Update at the bottom right-hand corner, and click Send Invite from the dropdown.

Influencers can also request access to your Portal. On the Analyst Access grid, there is a column named “Requested Access Date” which will show when the influencer requested access. You can follow the same steps above to Invite them after they request access. The Portal Contact will also receive an email when an influencer requests access.



ARchitect tip: From the Analyst Access Page, you can view influencer usage, disable their access, manage categories they view, and resend the portal invite.