Although our team at ARInsights creates a mockup portal to align with your brand, you have the option to change the styling and layout within your Portal Settings.


1. Hover over Site > Portal Admin > Settings, and click Settings. 

2. In the Banner Image section, you can select a jpg or png file to upload. You can also add a banner image link that will be linked under the image of your choosing. 

3. In the Colors section, you can customize 4 areas. 



4. In the Layout section, you can select whether you want images shown on the content pieces and whether they are thumbnails or full size. 

5. In the Content options section, you can select a Featured Category that will be shown underneath the Categories group section on your portal. In the following example, our Featured Category is Portal Help but common examples would be recent news or your next big influencer event. 



6. In the last section called Email Communications, you can add your own personalized email messages to be sent to influencers.

  • First Invitation & Create Account —  This email is sent when the invited influencer is first using an ARchitect portal. 
  • Add New Portals — This email is sent when the invited influencer has logged into an ARchitect portal and is now invited to yours. 
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Scheduled Alerts —  This email is the alert that influencers will receive when new content pieces have been posted. Influencers will be given the opportunity to manage when they receive notifications. 
  • Notification about a specific content item — This email is used when you go to notify an influencer about a specific content piece. To edit this in the email designer, select “Email” next to the content piece.