Whether it is setting up your site for the first time or managing it over years, Site Administrators may find the need to update the types of Interaction and/or Project Types available in the dropdown menus throughout ARchitect. Typically, these are types that executive staff would like to have in their reports. Here is how to change your interaction/project types to better reflect your data in ARchitect. 


Editing Your Interaction Types

1. Go to Site > Site Admin > Interaction Types

2.Here, you can view the different interaction types on your site. Click on "Add New Interaction Type."


**Remember to create interaction types that will be actively used. Keeping this list brief will help organize your interactions and ensure better record keeping.


3. Add a name for your new interaction type, select a color to color-code your type, and click Save. 


Check the box "For Event Use Only" if you are adding an interaction type for Event Management." (See Event Management for more)

4. Your new interaction type will now populate in the interaction type dropdown when creating/editing an interaction.


Editing Your Project Types

1. Go to Site > Site Admin > Project Configuration


2. Here, you can view the different project types, and add new or delete as needed.

3. Your new project type will now populate in the project type dropdown when creating/editing a project.