How To Create, Update, and Delete Interactions with ARchitect Interactions for Outlook

When you're already working in Outlook, being able to create, update and delete ARchitect Interactions — directly from Outlook — can save time and enhance productivity. ARInsights’ ARchitect Interactions for Outlook makes planning and tracking influencer Interactions quick and easy from your Outlook environment. To download ARchitect Interactions for Outlook, click here, follow the onscreen prompts, and enter your ARchitect username and password when asked.



  • Click on the widget in the menu to open ARchitect Interactions for Outlook.  
  • Select the “New Interaction” checkbox.
  • Enter the Interaction title and visibility, and associate it with any existing projects or coverages.  
  • Click the “Create Interaction” button at the bottom to save it.



  • With the widget open, select the “Existing Interaction” checkbox.
  • A list of recent Interactions will show. You can select one from the list or search for another in the search bar.
  • To view more details of an Interaction, click the icon to open the Interaction in ARchitect. 
  • Once you have selected your Interaction, click "Add to Interaction."



  • Click into the Interaction you would like to delete.
  • Select "Delete Interaction" at the bottom of the add-in.



How To Update Contacts with ARchitect Interactions for Outlook 

When using ARchitect Interactions for Outlook, you can easily add new contacts to ARchitect: 

  • When there is an unrecognized email, click the “Add” button.
  • Select whether the email belongs to a new participant or influencer. 
  • The application will redirect you to ARchitect to add the contact.


ARchitect Tip: You can also create Interactions through email by using our Outlook plug-in or copying on your emails.

Download the Outlook Plug-in

Error Note - If you encounter an error when your calendar event is opened in full screen, and you try to sync. (Add-on error - Something went wrong when executing the add-on).

Please restart the application. If the problem persists, please let us know - it may require an uninstall and reinstall.