Share of Voice (SOV) reports are a powerful means of measuring your mentions compared to your competitors. They are commonly used by AR teams to track how well their AR efforts are going, as well as monitor competitor mentions. 



1. Click into the Content tab. 1  

2. Click the Reports header on the right side.

3. Select the “New” button next to Article Summary.

4. Add filters, add specific coverages, and set your date range in the top section.

5. For the first grouping, select “Coverage Group (compare)” and select a coverage group.

  • The most common one would be a coverage group of your competitors list.
  • To create a coverage group, hover over Site > Coverages > Add Coverage Group.

6. For the second grouping, you can choose from multiple options, including Article Type.

  • Pro Tip: Article Types from saved Premium Content will always be research, blogs, media quotes or tweets.

7. Hit “Run Report” when settings are how you prefer.



8. Now that your report is created, you can export it, save it or update an existing report.




ARchitect Tip: If you have any issues setting these up, contact our support team at