The Premium Content Summary page is set up by ARInsights to give you a quick view of influencer mentions of your selected coverages. You can set the time period and search directly from this page or switch over to the Premium Content Search page. The Premium Content Search page is an excellent way to drill down into specific results quickly without building a new report.

Premium Content Summary

1. Hover over Content, scroll down and click onto Premium Content.

2. This will automatically take you to the Premium Content Summary page.

3. You can select a certain time frame to filter your summary view.

4. This page automatically counts across each type of content indicated by the following icons. 

5. You can search from this page and be redirected to the Premium Content Search page.

Premium Content Search

1. Hover over Content, scroll down, hover over Premium Content, click Search.

2. Add filters like Influencer, Influencer Groups, Coverage, Coverage Group, Firm or Source. 

3. Set the date range, and choose which content types to filter to.

4. In the search bar, search by company name, keyword or hashtag. You can use boolean logic to include or exclude certain phrases:

  • “OR” — Either term is present
  • “AND” — Both terms are present
  • “NOT — One data point is present but not the other

5. Save content pieces to report on by clicking on the “Save Items/Bulk Updates” drop-down at the bottom right side.


ARchitect Tip: Contact to automate the process of saving content items.