There are a few different ways to search in ARchitect. You can search ARchitect for Influencers, Influencer Emails, Projects, Firms, Interactions, Influencer Groups, and Coverages that you already know the name of. When you are within a grid view, you can also search for certain keywords or coverages to filter down your results. 

Searching for Specific Items

You can search for specific items by going to the search bar at the top right. Type in the keywords and find different results across your site. By clicking the gear, you can also select which area to specifically search through if you render too many results. 


Searching in a Grid View

When you are within a grid view like Interactions, you can also filter down your results by searching for keywords, coverages, and influencer names.

1. Go to a grid view 

2. Click on Filter & Find to select values

3. Select the correct date range


Watch a full tutorial here: