Manage your users and participants to ensure that the proper stakeholders are assigned to your interactions and/or projects and to keep track of your team's activity.


What is a User?

A User is anyone with access to ARchitect. There are 4 types of seats in ARchitect:

  • View Only: These are individuals who are referencing ARchitect, but not adding any Interaction, Project or other data to the site.
  • Regular User: An individual who is entering Interactions, creating and managing Projects, sending emails and referencing data on the site.
  • Site Administrator: Individuals who have the power to create, view and edit all data within their ARchitect site. They may also create and edit the seat type of any user on their site.
  • Disabled - No License: This is a seat that is from a former ARchitect User. It does not count against contractual agreements.


ARchitect Tip: It is recommended that there are only a few Site Admins on a team to prevent data interruptions. Also, limit the Site Admin seats to an ARchitect power user or a person who is managing the site the most.



Adding a User

To create a new seat on your site, Site Admins must have the first and last name of the new seat holder as well as their email address.

1. Site > Users

2. Click on "Create New User"

3. Fill in the fields carefully. This is the log-in information that the new user will need to create their account.

4. Once a user is created, the new user should receive an automated email to their account to finalize the creation of their ARchitect seat by creating a password.

How To Add User Groups 

User Groups are best for larger teams that need some form of compartmentalization. If you have an internal and external team, you can differentiate your users by these 2 groups. You can then set visibility based on these groups to prevent overlapping data.


1. Site > User > User Groups



2. Click on Add New Group




3. Enter a title, and move your users to the empty box on the right using the arrows and hit save.


What is a Participant? 

A participant is any internal member of your organization without ARchitect access. If there is someone within the communications department who was a part of a meeting, you can associate that participant to an interaction or project. Other examples may be Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or Executives who were a part of your meetings, but do not want or need access to ARchitect.

How To Add New Participants 

1. Site > Participants > Add New Participant


2. Fill in the participant's first and last name along with relevant information.



3. Click Save. You can now associate this participant to any interaction or project when needed.


ARchitect Tip: We recommend including participant email addresses because this helps in automating their information from the email add-ins.