With Custom Fields, companies can track additional data when logging information into ARchitect -- enhancing reporting and providing additional visibility into interactions and projects. Only Site Administrators can create and edit Custom Fields. If you are a Regular Users or View Only user, please contact your Site Administrators for assistance in managing custom fields.

Adding a Custom Field

1. Go to Site > Site Admin > Custom Fields.



2. Here, you can select where within the system you need to insert the custom field: Articles and/or Interactions.

    * Please note Project Custom fields can be managed through the Project configuration page.



3. Once you select where to insert the field, give the custom field a name. Below we are using "Test Field" as an example.

Select the field type that best suits your goals. These can range from a long text box, a date on a calendar, or a simple checkbox

4. Customize how the field should be interacted with.

  • Required Field: Makes the field mandatory and must be filled out before the interaction can be saved

  • Unique Field: Must be unique across all interactions and will not be created/saved until a unique value is added

  • Limit by Type: Custom Fields can appear when a specific interaction type is selected in the dropdown

  • Disabled Field: Disables the ability to insert data into the field


5. Click Save to create your custom field. Below, "Test Field" was created as a text area with an asterisk to indicate a mandatory field.