Influencer groups are a great way to create groups of your top-tier Influencers. They can be very useful when starting a project, sending an Influencer email, adding an interaction, pulling a report, and staying organized. 

Starting a Project

When starting a project, you may want to associate a pre-made influencer group that you've been working with. To do so is very easy. When editing or creating a project, use the influencer picker tool by hitting Pick and filtering for your chosen analyst group. 

Sending an email

You can use influencer groups as email lists to hit your top influencer in the Email Builder. This is super simple because there is a shortcut next to the Influencer Group name in the Influencer Group Finder Page. Click the email button on the right hand side to open up an influencer email preloaded with that influencer group. You can also add additional groups in the email builder.

Adding an Interaction

Adding interactions with an entire influencer group can be very simple. Click the connect button next to the influencer name to add that influencer group to an interaction. You can also add influencer groups to existing interactions by filtering the influencer picker for your influencer group.

Pulling a Report

Reporting on your influencer groups also requires using a shortcut in the analyst group grid view. The shortcut to do so looks like a magnifying glass. Click this icon to open the influencer analyst grid view and hit Reports and Briefing Books in the right hand corner to see your reporting options.