What is the ARchitect Firm Research Calendar (FRC)?

ARchitect’s Firm Research Calendar is a repository of upcoming research from select research firms. The list of these firms is kept up-to-date here.          

Introduction to the FRC

Knowing what our analysts will be writing about and when is just one of the many key steps in managing your relationships with them. Finding and tracking that information can become very time-consuming since firms do not report on it in a standard way. ARchitect’s Firm Research Calendar helps simplify this process by allowing you to search planned research by firm, author, or even by coverage area or keyword. 

To start, hover over Influencers > Firms >Firm Research Calendar



How to Search for Upcoming Research 

Searching the Firm Research Calendar Database may be done in a couple of ways, used separately or together. You may use the blue ‘Add Filter(s)’ button or the ‘Begin typing for results’ text box. These are the same types of search options that are available to you in other places within ARchitect and behave similarly.

The blue ‘Add Filter(s)’ button allows you to search by:

  • Analyst: This is the author or co-author of the research.
  • Analyst Group: This is a saved list of analysts you have put together, who may be authoring or co-authoring a piece of research.
  • Analysts I’m Following: You may follow and unfollow analysts from the Manage Notifications tile located on your Homepage or Dashboard.
  • Coverage: Note that some coverage areas are provided by the firms and are assigned to the future research, but not all firms provide this data. Keyword searches are a good addition when exploring upcoming research.
  • Firm: Select firms provide ARchitect with their upcoming research calendars. Our Database does not include calendars from all firms because not all firms have research calendars or allow public access to them. If you have a firm calendar that is not in the Database, please reach out to Support (support@arinsights.com) to begin the process to have it be included. ARInsights is always continuing to grow its relationships with firms to include their upcoming research calendars.
  • Research Type: These are pre-determined types provided by the firms and are a very quick and efficient way to narrow your results down.


Select the green ‘Update filters’ to set your preferences and look to the grid below for your results.



Another way you may search the Firm Research Calendar is with the ‘Begin typing for results’ text box. This is an open text box or Boolean search field. You may enter keywords or phrases, names, firms, coverage areas, titles of upcoming research, etc. Once you have entered the information, simply select the green ‘Search’ box to have your page refresh with your results. That keyword/phrase will then be bolded in the table of results.

NOTE: You may use this keyword search in tandem with the filters button. See below for an example:       



Firm Research Calendar Best Practices 

Once on the Firm Research Calendar Finder page, ensure you have done three things to aid in your search: 

1. Set your time period to FUTURE. While you can always look back in time at the calendar, generally you will want to take a forward-looking approach. You can also enter a customized date range for any time period, including the future. To do so, choose your date range and select the green ‘Apply Custom Range’ button.

2.  Select the ‘Full Screen On’ button on the grid of results. This will provide you with more viewing room for the columns of data below and is generally easier to read.


3.  Select the columns of information you are interested in viewing.


ARchitect will remember these settings and keep them preset should you have to navigate away from the page. The page remembers column selections like the other Finder pages throughout ARchitect.


How to View a Research Item & Create a Project 

Once you find a piece of research taht you are interested in, you may select it by clicking anywhere within the row or on  the icon. This will bring you to the ‘View Research Calendar Item’ page, where you may then read more about the future research and have the ability to turn it into a Project. Simply select the ‘Convert to Project’ button in the upper right corner of the active window to have it become a Project.     

The Projects space in ARchitect allows you to associate past, current and even future interactions, tasks and other attachments to help keep you and your AR team up-to-date on the publication process. Establishing projects for firm research lifecycles can help to streamline processes and maximize opportunities for positive outcomes.  


To read more about our Firm Research Calendar, visit our blog at https://www.arinsights.com/webinars/webinar-recap-projects-for-the-future/.