Keeping influencers informed by way of mass emails can lessen your workload and help maintain relationships. In ARchitect, the Email Designer can help you to send mass emails, create custom email templates, target key Influencers and track email performance. 

How To Create an Email in ARchitect

Creating an email in ARchitect is simple with our Email Design tool. You have the option to utilize our easy-to-use templates, load a previously used email, upload your own html file or even create your own email template from scratch. 

1. Hover over the Email tab, and click the “Add New  Email” button.

2. Enter a subject, title, from address and reply-to address.

3. In the Content section, select Load Template, Load from Email, Upload HTML, or Create New Content to open up the Email Designer. 

4. In the Email Designer, drag and drop a content item from the Content tab into the email to edit. 

  • Your options include text, images, button, dividers, social, html, video, icons and menus.

5. To edit the formatting, switch over to the Rows or Settings tab to change column widths, background colors and other options.

6. When done creating, hit the Preview button at the top and switch between Desktop and Mobile previews to see what your email will look like.

7. To Save your content, Hit Save in the right-hand corner.

For more information on email features to utilize, be sure to check out this blog post going over your many design options within the Designer


Schedule Emails to your Target Influencer Lists

With the Email Designer, you have the option to send your emails to multiple influencers at once or schedule out emails in advance.

1. Scroll to the Recipients section and click the Add Influencers, Add Participants or Load Recipients button.

  • Hit Add Influencers to load in influencers individually or by Influencers  Group.

  • Hit Add Participants to load in participants individually or by Participant Group.

  • Hit Load Recipients to Load from a Previous Email or Load from Project.

2. Scroll to the Options section to add coverages or projects, or change internal visibility of your email.

  • Be sure to check the “Create Interaction when sent” box to keep record in ARchitect of your email.

3. Scroll to the Delivery section to send a test email, send an email immediately, or schedule one for the future. 

  • To send a test, hit the Send Test tab, enter the email address you would like it sent to, and click the Send a Test Email button

  • To send the email to your chosen recipients, go over to the Send Email tab. 

  • In this tab, you can click the Send Email Now button to send it immediately, or choose a date and time and click the Schedule Email button.


ARchitect Tip: If you do not schedule your email, be sure to hit Save at the top or bottom of the New Email Page.


Check Metrics to Evaluate Email Performance

Monitoring your email performance can help you to evaluate what’s working for better relationship management. 

1. Click Email>All Emails in the header tab. Here you can see a high-level summary of emails, status, views, and opens with column choices.

2. Click into the email you would like to evaluate.

3. On the right of the selected email, you will see an overview page of results.

4. Click into the graph to see the names of associated influencers. Ie. click into Opened to view the influencers that opened the email.

5. Click into the Click tab to view link clicks.


For information on maximizing email deliverability to influencers please see this article