The dashboard is your way to plan and execute your AR plan by implementing many tools in one place: the relationship heat map, notifications, scheduling, and tasks. Follow along as we show you how to set up and read all components of your dashboard:


  • The Relationship Heat Map
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Tasks


The Relationship Heat Map

With the Relationship Heat Map, you can see how influencers are performing in the greater ecosystem by way of the Influencer Score and research counts. You can also measure out the health of your relationships in terms of colors by looking at your specific Interactions, Mentions, and Perception with your influencers. There are 5 colors coding the health of your relationships that are evaluated based on the frequency of interactions with the influencer:



ARchitect tip: Change the order of the heat map by clicking on a heading to sort by.



You can receive notifications on updates to influencers, interactions, and projects. This allows easy visibility into what’s changing around you, so nothing falls under the radar. If you want to manage what notifications come up for you, you can do so here:

Setting Notification Email Alerts and Frequency


Stay organized by checking your project timelines, interaction calendars, and firm research agendas on the calendar view. The calendar view has a few different view choices depending on your purpose. Switch between a monthly bird's eye view to the standard weekly or daily view and visually see the growth with color-coded events.  



Tasks can now be listed on your Dashboard. You can also these tasks off your To Do list on the Dashboard to move them from incomplete to complete. Create a new task by navigating to an interaction and scrolling to the task section at the bottom. Click Add Task, assign the task to a teammate, and enter a due date. It’s really that simple.