Many AR professionals look to influencer mentions (coverage of their company) to evaluate whether their AR efforts are working. In ARchitect, Premium Content centralizes influencer mentions in one place and allows for reporting of your own company mentions, as well as those of your competitors. There are 5 types of Article reports that you can generate based on the data, with the most common being Article Summary, which synthesizes Premium Content data. The 5 types are: 

  • Article Custom Report: A custom report that lists your selected content pieces
  • Article Mention Trends: A trend report showing mentions across your selected time period
  • Article Mentions: A comparison report of mentions based on coverage or coverage group selection by all firms with mentions
  • Article Perception: A report comparing influencer perceptions (which you can add to articles) to illustrate perception over time
  • Article Summary: A report to summarize articles through 2 groupings and filters

Creating an Article Report

1. Click into the Article tab.

2. Click the Reports tab next to the Articles Header.

3. Select the Article Report type.

4. Choose what groups or filters you would like to use.

5. Hit Run Report at the bottom. 


In the below recording, we will be covering a few of the most common Article reports employed by AR professionals, including mentions by influencers, mentions by firms and topic reports.