Scenario 1 - You have an existing list of influencers that you've been using elsewhere:

The simplest way to solve this problem is to import your list by clicking on Influencers > Groups > then clicking on the Import button. You will see a screen with options to either add influencers to an existing group or create a new one:

Scenario 2 - You want to create a list of influencers that you have already interacted with:

If you are in a scenario where you need to create a group of influencers you've already worked with, the solution is to go to your Interactions list view and first select the interactions that the influencers are a part of. Next, you will hit bulk update at the bottom of your screen and select Add to Group:


From here, you will be prompted to add those influencers associated with the interactions you've selected to an existing group or to create a new one.