Organizing your groups is made easy with different settings and tools. If your group list is looking a little out of control, you can use parent groups, archive options, and visibility settings. 


  • Parent Groups 
  • Archive Options
  • Visibility Settings

Parent Groups

To keep your groups organized and kept together, you can create a master group by associating groups. From there, you can use that new master group across the platform. To do so, open up a new group called Master Group and associate child groups here:

ARchitect tip: Using a master group is extremely beneficial when creating influencer emails or reports. Instead of running more than one report or creating additional emails, master groups get the job done in one swift sweep.

Archive Option

When you have unwanted groups clogging up your list view, there is an archive option to hide these out of your view. To archive a group, hit the archive button next to the save button when editing your group.

Visibility Settings

If you want to keep some groups but don't want everyone in your site to see them, you can edit the visibility so the group is only visible to a user group or private to you.