What's a Group? 

A Group is a way to organize your influencers into different groupings. 

You may use Groups to keep track of:

  • Tiering: To be able to easily identify which influencers are your most important, Tier 1 all the way down to informational gathering influencers, Tier 3.
  • Vertical, horizontal, product, department: To be able to target lists of influencers that focus on a particular vertical or horizontal area, that follow particular products or impact specific departments, etc.
  • Invitation, distribution, attendee lists: To be able to quickly use the group to send out invitations, press releases, and other content

You can create Groups in a number of ways:

1. Click the Add New Button on the menu



2. Click the Add New Button while viewing your Groups



3. Apply a bulk update to selected influencers on the Viewer